SFTP for Batch Processing

SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) is used to securely transfer files between the merchant and the Batch Processing Service.

Server Directory Structure

Once logged onto the SFTP server, the merchant or partner is automatically connected by its customer or partner number (e.g. C0001) to the file repository, set up by Wirecard. In the root window of the remote SFTP server site (Wirecard server) the following subdirectories are available:

SFTP Server Directory Structure
Figure 9. Remote SFTP Server

The folders from<foldername> (eg: fromC0001 or fromP0001) and to<foldername> (eg: toC0001 or toP0001) are important for the batch processing. They are used for upload (from<foldername>) and download (to<foldername>) files by the merchant.

Folder from<foldername> contains the following three subfolder.

SFTP Server Directory Structure of Subfolders
Figure 10. Remote SFTP Server Subfolders
  • error The folder to where the request file is moved by the batch server in case an upload problem occurred.

  • new The folder where the Merchant uploads his (encrypted) request files.

  • processed The folder to where the correctly processed request files are moved by the batch service.

Folder to<foldername> contains the same named subfolders used for

  • error The folder where the batch processing service stores the request file in case of the request file was corrupted.

  • new The folder where the batch processing service deposits the encrypted response file.

  • processed The folder where the Merchant stores the response file after it is picked up.

The response file contains success and failed transactions.

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