Upload Request Files

  1. Login to SFTP server.

  2. Open folder from<foldername>

  3. Copy your batch files to the subfolder new.

Download Response Files

  1. Login to SFTP server.

  2. Open the folder to<foldername>

  3. Retrieve the response files from the subfolder new and save them to your local machine.

  4. Move the response files from subfolder new to subfolder processed, in order to keep track of your already retrieved files.

Wirecard stores the old copies of your processed batch files on the Wirecard file server for up to 3 months. After that time period they will be deleted automatically. It is at your discretion to use this file repository.

Processing Time

Processing of batch files begins at 8:00 am CET. Each customer’s file will be picked up and processed individually. Processing time may vary depending on the number of customers using this service.

The response file will be available in the subfolder to<foldername>/new for pick up as soon as the request file has been fully processed.

URL and Credentials

The URL and credentials for the SFTP Server must be provided prior to production integration. Please contact Merchant Support if you did not receive your credentials.

Custom URL: