Batch Processing API Workflow
  1. The Merchant Operator applies Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) encryption using Wirecard’s public key and uploads the encrypted request file via SFTP to the from/new folder (eg: from<foldername>/new folder).

  2. The Batch Processing Service retrieves the request file and moves the original request file from the new to the processed subfolders if the upload was successful (eg: from<foldername>/new subfolder to the from<foldername>/processed subfolder). In case of uploading error, the request file is moved to the error subfolder (eg: from<foldername>/error)

  3. The Batch Processing Service processes each transaction in the request file and generates a PGP encrypted response file using the Merchant’s Public Key.

  4. When processing was successful, the encrypted response file is deposited in the to<foldername>/new folder on the SFTP server. In case processing failed due to a corrupted request file, the request file is stored into folder to<foldername>/error.

  5. The merchant operator retrieves the encrypted response file and decrypts it using their private key.

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