Merchant Account Resolving

Merchant Account Resolving allows the merchant to create a transaction without a specific Merchant Account ID (MAID) present in time of transaction request. Instead of the MAID, a Super Merchant ID and a Resolver Category Code is sent in the request and a specific MAID used for payment is automatically calculated by the Payment Processor Engine during payment processing. The calculation is based on resolving rules. Resolving rules define the logic for choosing the specific MAID.

If the merchant wants to use the Resolver feature he must get in contact with the Merchant Support. The Merchant Support will do all the necessary customizing.

Resolving Rules

Resolving rules define the logic for the resolver engine. Based on these rules a final MAID is selected and used for the payment process. The rules are logic expressions and several rules with a different priority can be defined. The first rule that matches the conditions is automatically processed and appropriate MAID is used. Other rules with lower priority are ignored. These rules are configured by our Merchant Support team based on the Merchant’s specific requirements.

Resolver Category Code

Resolver Category Code is a field that defines groups of several resolving rules. This allows the merchant to define more sets of resolving rules and lets him decide which will be used for resolving in time of payment request. Merchant Support provides the value to merchant when sets of rules are configured.

Supported Payment Methods

Merchant Account Resolving is available for Credit Card and all other alternative payment methods.

Specifying Resolvers

Resolving rules for Credit Cards can be based on:

  • BIN routing for 3D Secure handling (Non-3D / 3D Merchant Account ID)

  • BIN routing for different fraud rule handling

  • BIN routing for different acquirer handling

  • Routing based on Credit Card brand

  • Routing based on Amount

  • Routing based on custom parameters

Super Merchant

Super Merchant or Super Merchant ID is basically a group of several MAIDs. When the merchant does not send a MAID specifically in the request, Resolver needs to know a set of several MAIDs to choose from. Basically it’s like an Account ID superior to several MAIDs. the Merchant Support configures Super Merchant and its inherent MAIDs.

The payment response (structured payment by seamless or message POST to merchant’s page) contains resolved merchant and signature computed with secret key of resolved merchant.
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