First Steps

Before you start coding, you are going to need some credentials:

  1. Merchant Account ID - the ID of your merchant account that will be used to process transactions

  2. Secret Key - a value that you will use to create unique security signatures for your transactions

You can find testing credentials at this link.

Your account needs to be configured through Merchant Support to process mobile SDK payments.

Get your own credentials by contacting Merchant Support.

Next, depending on where you are from, you will need to choose your closest production environment: this is where your instance of MPSDK will be hosted. Both testing and production environments are available in every location.

At the moment, the supported locations are as follows:

Location / Name Hostname SSL cert valid until

Germany - PROD


Germany - TEST


Singapore - PROD


Singapore - TEST


Toronto - PROD


Toronto - TEST


Don’t forget to keep MPSDK up-to-date (i.e. updating before the SSL certification expires).
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