Multipayments Workflow

At first, the Multi Payment API validates the incoming multi payment request. This validation includes

  • Verification of the payment request XML

  • Check if transaction type is configured for the merchant

  • Check if payment method is configured for the merchant

  • Check if transaction type – payment method combination is supported by the Multi Payment API

If the validation fails, the entire transaction will be declined. 

After successful validation of a payment request, the Multi Payment API generates individual payment requests based on the multi payment request.

  • For each payment request, a mapped transaction type for the payment provider is chosen.

  • If the mapped transaction type is skip, the Multi Payment API does not process that particular payment request.

  • The individual payments are processed in order of priority:

    1. The voucher payment requests are processed first.

    2. Financial payment requests are processed last.

The Multi Payment API sends the individual payment request to the respective payment provider.

For any unsuccessful payment response, the Multi Payment API rolls back the previously successfully processed payments.

The pending payment requests are not submitted.

EPS transactions cannot be rolled back. 

Finally, a multi payment response is built with a collective status and status of the individual payments.

This response is then sent to merchant.

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