Common Misconceptions

"My payment processes have to fit perfectly to that processes offered by the shop system, otherwise I have to adapt either the shop extension or my processes!"

We are integrating the Wirecard Payment Gateway based on the standards of the corresponding shop system. This enables us a very tight integration of our interface to the default payment process offered by the shop system. Therefore our payment processes are integrated as intended by the shop system.

If you, as a merchant, require different processes than offered by the shop system and our shop extension, you have the following possibilities:

  1. Re-think your decision choosing your shop system. Maybe another shop system fits better to your processes.

  2. Adapt the shop system and maybe also the shop extension to your business needs. This is possible for nearly all shop systems, because they offer an open source version you are allowed to modify as you want.

"I will have additional costs due to changes in the source code of the shop extension which have to be done by my developers or my integrator and they are not used to the structure and source code of the shop extension!"


"If my processes will be required to change, then I have to adopt the shop extension again. An integration by my own would be more flexible for me!"


In the long run, the sum of efforts to update and maintain the shop extension is much higher than a personalized integration. Additionally, I have to consider that it takes much time to update a shop extension!


"I have heard from other merchants that a direct and personal integration to my online shop is much faster and cheaper than using a shop extension!"

Overall seen it is always much cheaper and faster for you as merchant to start with a full-featured and functional shop extension tailored and deeply integrated into your shop system. Otherwise, if you do the integration on your own from scratch you have to deal with all the payment related details of the shop system and the integration details of the payment interfaces to Wirecard.

Additionally, a shop extension offers the following advantages:

  1. We are constantly maintaining and updating our shop extensions regarding the updates of the shop system, integration of payment methods and adding new features. If you do the integration on your own from scratch you have to do this solely on your own which may end in permanent attention and effort to keep track with the shop system, regulations and security updates.

  2. If your changes and adoptions are of interest also for other integrators or developers, you may raise a pull-request on GitHub and our developers will check your contribution. If it is fine, we will add it to the source code of our shop extension, so that for each new version of our shop extension your changes/adoptions are part of a release and you do not need to adopt it every time we do an update.

Even if you decide to do your own integration from scratch, please keep in mind to use our shop extension as a "blue print" which may help you regarding the implementation of various features, workflows and payment methods.

"If there is a new version of the shop extension, I have to redo all my manual changes again!"

Within the update of a shop extension your configuration and your already existing transactions are also available in the new version of the shop extension. If you did only small changes in your shop extension installation, you may find the differences easy via your version control system and are able to merge them to the updated shop extension. If there are larger changes regarding functionality you may consider to raise a pull-request in GitHub, so that our developers may integrate your feature to the shop system and then this feature will also be part of each new version we release.

"Shop extensions are not as often and as fast updated as I require it!"

If there are no substantial changes in the interface of the shop system and the payment process, our shop extension will work out-of-the-box also with newer versions of the shop system, especially if there are only minor updates of the shop system itself.

We at Wirecard are doing our best to have our shop extensions as near as possible to the releases of the shop vendors. But we are not able to guarantee that we can do an update on a daily-basis and in comparison to the market we do updates very fast and have had a proven track for many years.

On the other hand if you do the integration on your own, you have to check and update your own integration also.

"Shop extensions cause troubles in conjunction with other extensions I have installed within my shop system!"

All our shop extensions are developed strictly to the rules, frameworks and hooks of the shop system. Therefore, you are able to use our shop extensions in parallel within one shop and we do not interfere with other shop extensions you may have installed in your shop system. If there are troubles with other shop extensions disturbing the payment process, we would like to recommend you to disable these extensions or check for a newer and compatible version. If this does not solve the problem, please contact our support teams, so we can maybe find a workaround for you.

"Shop extensions only support the current version of the shop system and therefore you have to update your shop system to use the shop extension!"

If you want to use an older version of our shop extension, you can find and download all previously released versions directly from GitHub. Even we offer this, we strongly recommend that you update your shop system accordingly to the releases of the shop vendor, so that your online shop is up-to-date regarding features, functions and security.

If you may have other or additional doubts, please do not hesitate to contact our sales and support teams.

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