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Referenced Transactions
Referenced transactions (e.g. refund, recurring) have a limited transaction lifecycle in WPG. Starting on 1 February 2020 only transactions processed within the last two years can be referenced.

Product Demo

If you are about to choose our Wirecard Payment Solutions for your online shop, you may want to have a look at our Wirecard Demo Shop first. Give it a try and become familiar with the wide range of features that the Wirecard Payment Solutions offer.

Integration into Shop Systems

If you use a shop system for your online shop you can integrate our Wirecard Payment Solutions by installing one of our shop extensions. We offer these free of charge as open-source shop extensions for many shop systems.

Please visit Shop Systems for further information on the currently existing shop extensions.

Direct Integrations

If you use a shop system and no shop extension or shop integration is available, or if you need full flexibility and control within the payment processes, you are able to do a so-called "direct integration" of our payment products into your shop system. Please be aware that depending on the product you choose, at least a little programming effort on your part is required.

Payment Page Solutions

Hosted Payment Page (HPP) and Embedded Payment Page (EPP) excel through their simple and easy integration into your online shop. The complete payment process for credit card payments and many other payment methods can be added to your shop system.

For details and information regarding the integration into your online shop head over to Payment Page Solutions.

Seamless Payments for Credit Card Transactions

If you want to offer your consumers a seamless payment experience for credit card payments, consider using the seamless payment page integration.

For details on this product head over to Payment Page Solutions.

Payment SDKs

iOS and Android

To add payment functionality to your native apps developed for iOS or Android, we can offer you a mobile Payment SDK for payment methods like Credit Card, PayPal, Apple Pay or SEPA Direct Debit.


We offer a PHP Payment SDK to ease the integration of Seamless Payment Page (SPP) and various payment methods including their follow-up operations for all types of shop systems which are based on PHP.


If you would like to implement a tight integration of our payment gateway into your online shop, please have a look on our REST API which enables you the implementation of sophisticated payment processes and so-called back-end operations where you are able to integrate captures, refunds or cancellations to your back-end e-commerce systems.

Payment Method Details

Certain payment methods we offer require specific integration, set-up, or configuration steps. For such payment methods, you may need to undergo an external registration and set-up process on the website of the corresponding financial service provider, or consider configuration-specific requirements in terms of functionality, payment workflows, or country-specific availability.

Here you can find all payment methods we offer.

General Platform Features

Our Wirecard Payment Gateway offers you a lot of specific features which enable you to implement sophisticated and professional functionality within your online shop and all of your payment processes.

Please have a look on our overview and details regarding these General Platform Features.

Fraud Prevention

In addition to many payment methods, we can offer you services regarding detecting and reducing fraudulent situations within your online shop. For this purpose you are able to use our Address Verification System, Device Fingerprinting and our Fraud Prevention Suite.

Batch Processing

If you require the batch processing of multiple transactions in one step, please use our Batch Processing API, which is capable of processing the following payment methods:

  • Credit Card

  • SEPA Direct Debit and SEPA Credit Transfer


To manage, control or review your transactions in your online shop, we can offer you Data Reconciliation and IC Fee Reports.


Our Glossary contains definitions and explanations of the most common terms and technical expressions used in this documentation.

Wirecard Partner Program

Teamwork and partnerships are the foundation of our success! We invite you to participate in our success by becoming a partner of Wirecard. We are looking for integration partners, project partners and sales partners.

Please visit the Wirecard Partner Program for further information and to get in contact with us.

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