Device Fingerprint


In order to integrate Wirecard’s Device Fingerprint (FPS) with your website, you need to insert Profiling Tags on web pages where you will profile consumer’s devices. You can either insert the tags directly into your website, or use our iframe service to embed the tags within an iframe.

Profiling Tags are placed on HTML pages served by your web application, and allow Wirecard to collect device information from the consumer’s browser. You need to identify pages in your web application in which to place the tags that ensures that their devices are profiled before submitting a transaction.

HTML Sample for Profiling Tags
Profiling Tags
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
   <iframe style="width: 100px; height: 100px; border: 0; position: absolute; top: -5000px;" src=""></iframe>

The org_id is fix for all merchants: value is 6xxznhva.

The session_id is a temporary identifier that is unique to the consumer’s session.

  • It must be 10 to 128 characters long.

  • The following characters are allowed: upper and lower case English letters, digits, underscore, hyphen ([a-zA-Z0-9_-])

  • Recommended format: <merchant_id>_<random_string>

    • merchant_id: Merchant Account ID (MAID) or Merchant Account Resolver Category

    • random_string: generated by the merchant

  • Example of session_id:

The session_id must be unique for at least 30 minutes, otherwise existing device information will be overwritten.

As a final optional consideration you may want to remove the reference to and set up web server redirection instead to avoid placing a third-party domain name inside your HTML.

For this you will need to set up a DNS entry for your sub-domain that redirects to and give your certificate to Wirecard to be placed on the device identification server.

Creating separate certificates will cause additional costs.

Transmit to WPG

To use the Device Fingerprint the session_id (generated as above) has to be transmitted with the payment transaction to the Wirecard Payment Gateway.

The Wirecard Payment Gateway provides the field device/fingerprint for this process. For details see the REST API Fields list.