Wirecard Payment Page v1

eNETS Direct Debit is a type of Online Bank Transfer.

This payment method is available for integration with Wirecard Payment Page v1 only.
Countries and Currencies





Communication Formats

This table illustrates how eNETS notifications are encoded and which formats can be used for requests and responses.


NVP Format

IPN Encodement

Please follow the instructions given at Instant Payment Notification to set up IPN.

Transaction Types

Wirecard Payment Page v1 supports the transaction type debit only.

Test Credentials

URL (Endpoint)


Merchant Account ID (MAID)


Secret Key


Additional Test Credentials on eNETS Environment

Bank Selection

UAT BankSim (E3 UAT only)

eNETS workflow
  1. Consumer adds items to shopping basket and proceeds to checkout.

  2. Merchant sends consumer’s payment request to WPG for processing.

  3. Consumer selects payment method eNETS.

  4. WPG redirects consumer to eNETS page.

  5. Consumer selects the preferred bank on eNETS page.

  6. eNETS sends consumer to bank page.

  7. Consumer logs in and completes payment on bank page.

  8. WPG receives transaction status from eNETS.

  9. WPG sends notification with transaction status to the merchant.

  10. WPG redirects consumer back to the shop where the merchant displays the status of the payment process.


The fields used for eNETS requests, responses and notifications are the same as for REST API and Payment Page. Please refer to: REST API Fields or Payment Page.


To test eNETS, use the following JavaScript snippet.

For details on hash-generation, go to our WPP v1 Security section, see Request Signature and Secret Key Exchange.
debit Request (successful)
 var requestedData = {
    "request_time_stamp" : getTimeStamp(), //get current timestamp
    "request_id" : generateUid(), //generate unique ID
    "merchant_account_id" : "dd4ec05b-3d4e-46c3-a32c-d3bb6aa69c82",
    "transaction_type" : "debit",
    "requested_amount" : "1000",
    "requested_amount_currency" : "SGD",
    "success_redirect_url" : "https://demoshop-test.wirecard.com/demoshop/#/success",
    "cancel_redirect_url" : "https://demoshop-test.wirecard.com/demoshop/#/cancel",
    "fail_redirect_url" : "https://demoshop-test.wirecard.com/demoshop/#/error",
    "ip_address" : "",
    "secret_key" : "f8de5ff0-1539-4a24-922e-9cfe9fe675a1",
    "psp_name" : "demo",
    "first_name" : "test_user",
    "last_name" : "test_user",
    "attempt_three_d" : "false",
    "request_signature" : "", //generate request signature
    "payment_method" : "enets",
    "order_number" : "123445"
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