Batch Processing API

In order to process multiple transactions at the same time, Wirecard’s Batch Processing API is the ideal and secure solution to implement quick and easy offline transaction processing.

Batch processing is possible for the following payment methods:

  • SEPA Direct Debit (SEPA DD)

  • SEPA Credit Transfer (SEPA CT)

  • Credit Card

SEPA Service

Until all merchants have migrated their consumers to SEPA, Wirecard offers a SEPA Conversion Service.

SEPA Transactions included in the Wirecard Payment Gateway request file should not be confused with SEPA Conversion Service (EFT) request files.

A merchant may send Wirecard Payment Gateway request files and EFT transaction request files to the same SFTP directory. Wirecard Payment Gateway files should be provided in CSV format, EFT request files must be submitted in xml. The batch service picks up the appropriate files according to the file type automatically.